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Why You Should Be Late

hotAs I’ve developed my spiritual side, my tendency for mischief has decreased.

I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, mostly because, well, there’s no other way to say it, I’m a hoot to hang out with when I feel a little frisky.

Regardless of your deeply cultivated, responsible self, the world is still a veritable playground.

Years ago that’s how I unconsciously approached the world every day. It was fun. I was fun. Very few things were sacred.

I remember, almost a decade ago, looking at a 7th story window with my mumster beside me and saying, “The world is our stable.” We laughed so hard we nearly choked on our coffee.

But it was the truth, and I felt it was my duty to point that out to her. Now I need to refresh my own sense of fun, mischief, and go back to my ‘what-the-hell-why-not’ attitude.

Do you remember getting excited about what you were going to wear underneath what you were wearing? Do you remember being silly and giggling, and knowing that Mr. Right-Now was either going to adore you, or you’d move on?

Yah, I remember that too…..

As it turns out I’m not the only one. According to my pals, our taste for older, slightly balding men who could wine and dine us, has been sated. There are few men of our own vintage or older who can teach us much that we don’t already know or haven’t already done. We no longer need the older, balding man (who, incidentally look much like a giant phallus) to impress us with what he knows or what he owns.

No darlings. Now we like the younger ones. The ones who may be able to be taught a thing or two. Please finish those last two sentences with, ‘in the bedroom’.

They aren’t jaded, or miserable, or blaming their ex for making them intolerable. They are yummy and delicious, and we want more.

Now, for the older gentlemen out there, don’t moan and roll your eyes. Do not take your sorry over-the-hill-ass to the couch and guzzle a beer. Trust me, older women can relate, after all, this is the paradigm that we’ve been faced with for centuries.

Perhaps we all just need to refresh that seventh story-office-I-was-late-this-morning-because-my-lover-was-ravishing-my-body perspective again.

There’s nothing that a hot snog, thorough shag and bottle of bubbly can’t make right.

Now go get’em goddesses.

…and I don’t want to see you until ten minutes after you’re supposed to start on Monday.



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