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Lost Inside Myself; AKA New Year’s Resolution Fail

Well, we’re 19 days into the new year. How are your resolutions going?

Mine is down el toiletto.

Since having fun was on the agenda, I thought I’d made a pretty easy-to-keep resolution…and then the universe had other ideas.

Having been lucky enough to get a virus that managed to even attack my eyes and salivary glands, the most fun I’ve had is lying still and having a warm cloth rest on my eyelids. Combined with the sudden death of my cat, it’s been one heck of a challenging month for having fun.

I saw this little meme today;

lost inside myself

…and I thought, “That’s it! That’s exactly how I feel.”

It’s that cold, muddy-grey time of year, when most days are a palette of black and white smudged together into some icky-thick grey that’s hard to wade through. Yah, that’s January in Toronto, folks.

Being sick can make anyone feel a bit lost. Being a woman of many fascinating hobbies, and wonderful friends, having to stay in does not lend itself well to fun.

Fatigue trumps hobbies, and staying warm inside trumps heading out into the cold. Furthermore, duel-layered flannel somehow just feels like the right thing to do under the circumstances.

Too tired to read, too congested and sore-eyed to clean with anything that might be an irritant, I rediscovered my stash of chick-flicks and needlework.

Fun. Yah, seems like a great resolution for the new year.  When you’re housebound, mourning your cat, and the best thing you’ve worn in days looks like something someone’s grandmother died in, fun is an elusive creature.

I guess I’ll get up tomorrow and try it again.



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