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Competency: What Makes a Man Sexy

" A gentleman seduces a ladies mind before he ever touches her body." ~Unknown~
” A gentleman seduces a ladies mind before he ever touches her body.”

Years ago, when he was young and foolish, a love interest of mine asked me what I found most attractive about him.

“You’re a competent man.”

His reaction was the wrestling equivalent of having given him an elbow to the solar plexus. This is man-speak for, ‘she metaphorically castrated me’.

Apparently, ‘competent’ was the wrong answer, and unlikely enough, a survey in G.Q, or Esquire, or whatever manzine he happened to be reading at the time.

Apparently, telling a man he was, “competent” was the lowest compliment one could give. Apparently it also induced sulking and erectile dysfunction. Who knew?

This high compliment was given to a man whom I absolutely idolized. The same man whom never uttered the words, ‘ I love you’, but often told me that he adored me. Ah, how our perspectives change with age.

I’m sure he’d blush now if he realized how much that ‘competency’ meant to me, as I realize how much that ‘adoration’ meant to him.

Contrary to popular psychological drabble, a competent man is very difficult to find. Especially, as is my particular case, when you’re a strong, intelligent, (dare I say, competent) woman.

Competency is the most sexy quality a man can have. You can have buck-teeth, pop-bottle glasses and a limp, but if you’re exceptionally good at all that you do, you become the beast transformed to gorgeous hunka-hunka-juicy-man-steak.

There is no whining, gentlemen. There is no complaining. There is just doing, and making things happen. That is competency.

And that my darling, delicious and mouth-watering men-folk, is sexy.



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