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New Man for the New Year

So you want this to be the year that you do it?Francesco de' Rossi's painting 'Portrait of a Man'

Yah, do it. Over and over and over in a deliciously hot mess with the man of your dreams.

Then we gotta talk girl.

Cozy up with a glass of whatever makes you think straight, and listen up sweetheart.

This goes for you too guys.

Top Ten Tips to Get You that Delicious Man in the New Year

1) Give up the bad boys. That’s right, they’re the human equivalent of a warm croissant with jam. They taste delicious and and are a pleasure to nibble, but leave us hungry an hour later.

2) Open your eyes. Yes, open them and be prepared to be gobsmacked. There are wonderful, intellectual, caring men available to you right where you are. Quit rolling your eyes. You likely have a couple of them lolling around in your brain as possibilities even before you finish reading this paragraph.

3) Quit being a snob. Just because you have more letters after your name than he does doesn’t mean he can’t give you a few lessons in life.

4) Say yes. Just say yes…to coffee, a movie, dinner. That’s the best advice anyone ever gave me; when someone makes a suggestion be curious enough to search it out (at least a little bit).

5) Go out. Alone. Men do not infiltrate a gaggle of gals unless they’re stark-raving mad, or wagering a bet. By alone, I don’t mean in dark alley-ways or for your run in the part after dark. Use your head.

6) Be nice. Being nice is pretty simple, but something we overlook all the time. Don’t treat them any other way than you wish to be treated. He wasn’t your cup of tea?Politely tell him that. Worst case, you get a restraining order.

7) Appreciate that he’s also looking. That means that someone just as good looking, well-educated and witty (she also has the same fabulous stilhettos and lipgloss) is out there just waiting for him if you give him the cold shoulder.

8) Rip up your check list. Seriously. None of us are a perfect set of scores 100% of the time.

9)Don’t settle. You know, for the bad boy routine. If he doesn’t call and he’s not around, move on. Immediately.

10) Love yourself first. Whatever it is that rejuvenates you, do that. Every day. That’s what makes you irresistible.



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