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A Christmas Kind of Cozy

tateshina-snow-tree-20130216 (Photo credit: kenmainr)

Dogwood and evergreens are just steps outside my patio door. In the summer they provide shade and privacy, and during the late fall months, they stand barren against the desolate pervading grey.

Today was our first real snow fall. The kind that hits the meteorologists radar a few days in advance, and has people panicking to put on snow tires, find snow brushes, and get their shovels ready.

With the absence of having to shovel or scrape my car ( I love city living), my first-snowfall-of-the-season to-do list was more like; get all food, drink, and Christmas baking ingredients in the house so we don’t have to leave until Monday morning.

People think I’m crazy because I have my gifts together, house decorated, and even the special ingredients for my Christmas baking in the house weeks before the holiday. Other than fresh produce that I pick up through the week, we’re fully stocked.

I think people who save all of their errands for weekends and the weeks just before Christmas insane, driven by consumerism and brainwashed by the glossy-magazine-cover-demands of Christmas.

Christmas isn’t just the 25th of December, it’s the entire season. There’s nothing better than to be able to really relax when company comes by, or to take your time baking and merry-making.

As I pulled the covers up to my chin last night, I drifted off to sleep as excited as a child about not having to set my alarm, and not having to go to work. For that matter, not having to do anything at all.

I was roused from my sleep at 6am when my alarm went off. My weekend alarm. The one I only set for weekends on call, and three AM limousine pick-ups to the airport. The one I forgot I had set for last weekend for some ungodly reason.  For a split-second I contemplated getting up, but before I made up my mind, I was back in dreamland.

Managing to get out of the house before 11am on the weekend is a grand coup here. But today, so very excited to have no agenda, no ‘have-to’, ‘ought-to’, or ‘need-to-do’ chores, I was up and out at 8:45, happy to snag a newspaper and my favourite cup of take-out coffee before the snow really began to fly.

I managed to drink my coffee and read the paper without interruption, rushing, or having  pull my coat over my shoulders as I usually due at my regular café to guard against the drafty window seat.

All the while, our kitten was cozied up on my lap, and the old cat was snugged into his favourite spot on the chesterfield. The evergreens and dogwood were already covered in snow, and I was so thankful to just be inside. I had a perfect, cozy, group-of-seven-view just outside my window.

After a big breakfast and confirming our plans for ‘no plans’, our home settled in to that Sunday afternoon feeling. We peeled clementines, munched lunch,drank refreshing spritzers, and managed to bake up some yummies.

With some foresight and good planning, dinner is in the freezer, ready for a trip to the oven, and our fireplace is full, ready to start our evening fire.

Finally, after a weeks of rushing to holiday parties and school events, on this lazy day of not having to do anything, it finally feels like Christmas.

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