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Old Flames of Christmas Past

fire wine
fire wine (Photo credit: Dean McCoy Photography)

During the holidays, couples look cozier, happier, and like the enduring icons of Hallmark holidays.

Whether single or cuffed up for the season, it’s rare the adult who does not reflect on Christmas’s past and the loves of our life who have become unforgettable.

This post is for anyone feeling nostalgic for friendships and/or lovers of the past.  Perhaps you’re even flirting with re-igniting an old flame?

I have been fortunate enough to have loved men who offered me deep and enduring friendship, sincere understanding, have bared the vulnerability of the soul, and the silliness of the human spirit.

In the quiet hours I think of you; when the flames of the fire are dying and the tree lights are the only thing that break the dark silence of a home tucked in for the night.

Is my tall dark and handsome friend someone who will stick around for a while? Become an even more, dear friend? Maybe even one of those rare lovers who stand the test of time, and soothe my soul? Is one of my very best friends someone I will wonder, ‘what if’ about? Time will tell…

For the ladies and gentlemen out there tonight who have loved, lost, and found the courage to love again….

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