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He is Enough

“How many of you have ever started dating because you were too lazy to commit suicide?”~Judy Tenuda~
“How many of you have ever started dating because you were too lazy to commit suicide?”
~Judy Tenuda~


Enough. That was the single word on the placard that hung above the chair of my friend’s father just prior to his death.

Enough, as in; I’ve had enough of everyone else’s shit, or Enough as in; I am content because I have enough.  That’s the question isn’t it?

What is enough?

At this stage of life, I’ve had enough. Enough heartache, enough rejection, enough disappointment, and enough of other people’s crap.

But I also have enough. Enough joy during the time I spend with my child. Enough money to pay the rent and buy food. Enough friendship to buoy me up when I feel like I’m drowning.

Enough is a powerful word, and something that my generation needs to consider. What is enough from a partner or spouse? What is enough from a job or a pay cheque, and what is enough when you combine it all to say that you are ‘happy’?

It seems like today “enough” is so much more than what we need.

I have everything that I need. I am healthy. I am educated. I am employed. I have a healthy child.  I have enough…..and yet, every day I wish for more…..a man who loves me, total elimination of debt, a Caribbean vacation, and of course, a pay raise.

During the past few weeks I’ve had the chance to talk to a few men, and ladies, you need to trust me on this one, you need to be cognizant of what is enough in your relationships.

Yes, I do understand, you wonderful, fabulous, very sexy and sensuous ladies want a man who can appreciate the delicate creatures that you are. You want flowers and jewels and hot, passionate love-making. I can’t fault you for that. I would like that too.

What you need to consider is that, at this stage and age, the men in our lovely lives have been through hell and back trying to please our younger, less sophisticated selves.

A loving man, is enough. He may be quiet. He may be shy. He may be a  wild tiger in bed just waiting to be unleashed by a sensitive, sensual lover like yourself.

Think twice before you let him go. He may just be….enough 😉

5 thoughts on “He is Enough

  1. Over the years, I’ve realized that after each significant relationship, I’ve walked away with a new definition of what I need and what is enough for me. I’ve narrowed and refined my list and am now at a good place!

  2. I enjoyed this post. Contentment is something that I’ve been working on, well, for years. But I think it’s starting to take root. I have far fewer possessions now than ever in my life, and my mind is clearer and my emotions steadier (well, on the good days). I don’t like bullshit sayings like “Love will come to you when you’re not looking for it,” but I also am tired of running around looking for Princess Charming. So I’ll try to use the word “enough” more often.

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