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Romantic Holiday Date Ideas

"Love isn't emotion or instinct - It's and art." ~Mae West~
“Love isn’t emotion or instinct – It’s and art.”
~Mae West~

Christmas can be such a special time of year for couples.

Whether you’re celebrating a milestone anniversary, or whether you’re new to one another, dating during the Christmas holidays can be fun, romantic, and very, very special.

I offer you a list of possible date ideas suitable for both young and old, shy and bold.

1) Stroll hand in hand  through your  ‘town square’ after sunset and take in the light displays. Be sure to stop for a hot cocoa at a local café.

2) If you have to suffer for months through the snow, ice and cold, make it fun! Go on a skate-date. Outdoor rinks often offer skate rentals if you don’t have your own. It may be fun having your man help scoop you up off the ice!

3) Take in a local church choir sing. They’re often offered at this time of year, just check out their calendars on-line. Be sure to know whether they are selling tickets, or accepting toys or food items for donation.

4) Stay in and have a movie night. Get cozy under a duvet, share some popcorn and something a little stronger to sip.  If you haven’t’ seen your sweetie’s favourite holiday flick, ask him/her to bring it along so you can share it together.

5) Go for a winter hike or  cross-country skiing. Be sure to pack a thermos full of your favourite hot beverage, and leave a crockpot full of chili cooking, and beer chilling in the fridge for when you get home.

6) Go shopping together. Don’t go with a hard and fast list, just go to see what catches your sweetheart’s eye in case you decide to exchange gifts. Be sure to stop for a relaxing meal/drink so you can talk about your favourite Christmas memories.

7) Check out some of the Christmas events at your local live theater. There may be plays, sing-alongs or variety shows that will get you both in the spirit.

8) Go get your photo taken with Santa, and swap photos with your sweetheart. Always remember that no matter how old or stressed you may feel, you are a kid at heart. That’s the joy we should bring to our partners at Christmas and always.

9) Swap naughty lists over a light meal. You won’t want to order more than an appetizer as this little outing for intimate couples usually ends up at home within an hour.

10) Surprise your sweetie with something over-the-top-romantic like a horse and buggy/sleigh ride. It will be worth the effort.




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