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The End of Homemade Christmas Cookies

making cookies with grandma
making cookies with grandma (Photo credit: sanzibar)

That’s right, if Forno Cultura’s secret gets out, it will be the end of homemade Christmas cookies as we know it.

Grannies, keep your babies and grandbabies out of the city. Tell them since the Ford fiasco,  they’ve shut down the roads, locked the gate until the whole thing settles down.I thought that we had a day in the downtown  that couldn’t get any better.

I thought that a beautiful brunch at Le St. Tropez, and a matinee performance of my favourite musical Les Miserable could not be topped.

I thought that was the best way to finish off a weekend of tree lighting, hot cider sipping and night time parades.

Until I stepped through the doors of Forno Cultura.

Sweet love of all that’s holy, may my soul be saved from the Italian devil of bakery heaven!

We were greeted with Amereti cookies, just slightly crisp on the outside, and oh-so-chewy-and-orgasmically satisfying on the inside

Sweets are sold by the kilogram, and could put a gal on the fast track to selling herself on the streets for just a taste of the dark chocolate, black olive deliciousness that leaves you neither satisfied nor wanting more.

Just like a thorough and proper lover, it leaves you contented. Sated. Feeling as if you know what the end of the world feels like, and it feels marvelous.

So, don’t tell your mamma or your granny, but there just simply is nothing better than the treats you’ll find down the stairs at 609 King Street West.

If you are a singleton, or more likely, half of a couple who is less than satisfied, go soothe your soul, espresso in one hand and sweet beloved cookie in the other, amid the warm aura of Forno Cultura, . It will make it all, everything, exquisitely,  bearable.

Who knew that the secret to happiness was the brine of black olives embraced by the  bittersweetness of chocolate?



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