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Our Crack Smoking Mayor & The State of Our Nation

Crack Pipe
Crack Pipe (Photo credit: TylerIngram)

Hold the presses! After months of outright denial of crack use, Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford has admitted that he did, indeed smoke crack.Somebody put me over your knee and spank me. I couldn’t be more shocked darlings.

Just kidding.

“He should not resign. He has to be charged, tried, and found guilty. This is Canada,” said one Toronto city counsellor.

This is Canada.

Frightening, no?

We live in a country where justice prevails? No. We live in a country where our political leaders are not held accountable to lies, deceit, and abuse of power.

Consider also, that today the unconstitutional suspension of some of our Senators took place. Our Prime Minister and the Conservative party have a dark cloud of questionable behaviour regarding voter coersion, shutting down parliament, and most recently, the unethical if not illegal set-up of these three Senators to fall.

This is Canada eh?

You bet your sweet fur-panty covered petunia it is.

We are a nation led by the super-wealthy minority, and their naive middle-class, RRSP investing wanna-be’s.

We whine about taxes, but turn an eye to the gross amounts of money invested in high-paying beaurocratic jobs and point the finger at users of a social system that barely provides enough support to feed and shelter a person even if they’ve worked hard for decades.

We believe the news fed to us by a corporate entity with powerful political clout. We question nothing.

I challenge every single Canadian reading this to do a little investigation into ANY government department. The majority of money spent is at the upper level, for inflated salaries, repetitive planning and process tweaking (I’m not talking millions here folks, I’m talking billions). Been there, seen the waste, had the T-shirt torn from my back.

This is a huge problem throughout the federal, provincial, and municipal governments.

Oh yah, I almost forgot. Beware the Canadian career politician who is more interested in seeing their face on the evening news than fighting for ethical and socially responsible policy making and governance.

This is Canada.

We live in a country where people from across the globe seek refuge from severely broken, religion-tangled and poor countries.

For some they are grateful, for others, they work to make a positive difference. Still, for others moving to Canada they seize the opportunity to bring their mucked up system to a new country and tell us all how much better it was at home. And we let them!

This is Canada.

Tommy Douglas, Jack Layton and Margaret Atwood….now that’s Canada.

It’s time we challenged the status quo and admittted we live in a shattered system. It’s time we showed up; on Parliament Hill, at Queen’s Park, outside the local MP’s office, in council chambers, and take back the Canada we once could be so proud of.

I’m finished ranting now. Someone call the mayor of Toronto and get me something to take away the pain of witnessing the fall of our great country.


5 thoughts on “Our Crack Smoking Mayor & The State of Our Nation

  1. I love the article, and am looking into the billions…..
    R. Ford will be the laughing stock of Canada for YEARS, but as we always do, we’ll just forget….I should let you in on something….found out Maurice Strong who started the Agenda 21 back in Rio in 72, who once headed Ontario Hydro who is now hiding out in China for millions in laundered money, etc….he’s related to Maurice Greenberg, who is known as the Dr. Joseph Mengeles, or the Nazi Death WarCamps……!! I got some info. about that with some interesting photo’s on the 2nd page bottom of my website, Ontario Smart Meter Awareness…….the Agenda 21 includes the Smart Grid. And before 1972, all dangers of RF with technology was well known, but after that Telecom started paying off Military and Corporations to hush and shut up and collect profits for death!! And when you watch the history of Queen’s, Kings, Rome, you see right through the veils.
    See the charts at the bottom of page 2 with the big boys being at the realms, it’s interesting:

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