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A Writer’s Warm Up; Musing on the ‘C’ Word

coffee and writingSometimes when I start writing a longer piece, or decide to sink my teeth into writing my second novel, I do a little warm-up. You know, like runners stretching their hamstrings and doing a little dynamic stretching to loosen things up.

I offer you my Writing Warm-Up today;



; to entrust, to hand over

in other words

; to let go

unfold, open, expose and make vulnerable

peel away, unfold, abide and rest

; to surrender that tender heart

behind the leaves, tough and bitter

; to lay bare

and render vulnerable the crepe thin relic of hope

; to cease clinging,

; to  unclench a seized grip

; to watch the light flood and burst the solid bitterness

washing it all away

except the gem, the heart and the lotus

which roots itself

deep in the muck



in the earth

of commitment.


Copyright 2013

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