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Wednesday To Do List

English: Vineyard in Napa Valley
English: Vineyard in Napa Valley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, let’s just try to enjoy this. Whatever this is at any given moment anyway. That’s my list for today; enjoy today.

I woke up disappointed, let down, fed up with fair-weather friends, broken promises, and a dripping kitchen tap that was supposed to be repaired yesterday.

Sometimes I need to slow down, get that little tiger of irritation settled down that has awoken and makes me growly. Sometimes I need to just remember the little things I take for granted. Sometimes I need a big ol’ handsome man to give me a hug, settle in with a cup of tea, and dream with me.

Since that likely isn’t in the cards, I will go out into the world today with a list of things to enjoy.




My Wednesday To-Do List…


1) Enjoy my long drive to my first appointment. Enjoy the solitude, the jazz on my favourite station, and the sunshine.

2) Revel in the feeling, and the sound of the fallen leaves under foot during my evening walk. I have the most beautiful little trail at my backdoor which is covered in leaves.

3) Take comfort in the company of my wonderful colleagues.

4) Remember how lucky I am to have a fireplace. Enjoy the warm glow of the fire while I nestle in to read before bed.

5) Listen to my kiddo. Be thankful I have a healthy, wonderful child who is always up-beat.

6) Try to wipe out my negative self talk, and be thankful I’m as strong as I am.

7)  The feel of my  lined suit jacket. In this weather, it feels warm and soft against my skin.

8) Enjoy the anticipation of cooking a homemade meal after work. There’s nothing like trying a new recipe, and settling in to something delicious on a chilly autumn day.

9) Be thankful that I have some solitude to wrestle with my demons. Some folks have to duke this psychic junk out with no quiet time.

10) Surrender, or at least loosen my grip, and enjoy knowing I’m a better person than I was a year ago.

Wishing you a day filled with sunshine of the soul my darlings.




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