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Blowing Out the Candles

"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." ~Mae West~
“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”
~Mae West~

It’s true, that oh-so-wonderful day is approaching! Yes, yes, it’s true, I’ve almost made it through another year.

Most ladies-of-a-certain-age like to keep their BIRTHDAY on the down-low, you know, keep it quiet so they can go home and weep tears of pity into a bathtub full of  half-popped bubbles.

But not me. No sirree.

You see, I’ve earned every single wrinkle, dimple, roll and jiggle that defines this body and soul of mine, and every year, I like to celebrate.

This is the year before the “BIG” birthday, you know, a number that ends with a ‘0’. I figure I need to celebrate this year to practice for the big one next year. That makes sense right?

My birthday is NOT a birthday without cake. I like my cake like I like my men, deep, dark, and a just slightly more than I can handle.

Although I have earned my seniority in this career of life, I still feel like there’s so much more to learn and to be.

If you’ve been following along this year, you’ll know I had some pretty grand New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve accomplished two of four, and those were no small victories, let me tell you that!

There are two more goals I would like to reach; one I have control over, and the other, well, let’s just say that Venus, Cupid and Aphrodite had better get on the stick!

As far as birthday wishes….hmm, well, I have been crowned a “Hallmark Whore” by some of my less gentile pals. I do like the sentiment of a handwritten note, a well-chosen card, flowers, and phone calls….but don’t we all?

I was asked by the kiddo what I wanted this year, and I gave what I hope is a simple, inexpensive list.Most of all, I wish the total indulgence of spending time with the people I love; my kiddo, my mumster, my friends. Time…a commodity that has a mysterious limited quantity for each of us.

I do have one wish. One wish I have always thought was a very selfish wish.  Maybe I’ll take a chance this year and tack it onto the standard wish I wish for every year. You know, the  wish you always make because you’d feel guilty if I wished for anything else.

As I’ve aged (and aged extremely well don’t you know), I’ve come to a sure and certain knowledge deep down in my sparkly little heart –  it’s not a selfish wish after all. It’s something we all wish for.

But that’s something deeply personal. One of my besties may be able to wring it out of me. ONLY if they bring cake and drink enough champagne to loosen the tight lock that’s rusted to my ego.

It’s no secret that I like to celebrate and socialize with my happy face and party pants on.  But buried underneath the smile and the party pants is a woman whose wants and needs are very simple, and as necessary to life as the cake, the champagne, and the friends with whom I share it.



4 thoughts on “Blowing Out the Candles

  1. May your birthday wishes all come true…celebrate, eat what you want, drink as much as you like, kiss deeply, and share the gift that is you with all those you love.

  2. Wonderful! The only thing I would add is get and do those things you always wanted too because after this point the Time Lord will hit the gas and you’ll wake up with too many wishes for the time you have to fit them all in! Have a Happy Day when it gets here!

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