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You Can’t Keep Them Away

Heart of Swans
Heart of Swans (Photo credit: Darragh Sherwin)

I’ve had the pleasure of working with women from across the globe; Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists, you name it.

We may express our faith in different ways, dress differently, and acquiesce to the needs of our partners with varying degrees of grace, but there is one thing about which we all agree.

Pull up a chair sweetheart, and listen very carefully, because this is one lesson every woman needs to learn the first time around.

If a man wants to be with a woman, you can’t keep him away.

Keep in mind, I’m not talking about creepy stalking, and dumped lovers walking along the path to peer through your patio doors (yes, this has happened to me).  This kind of behavior deserves a single thump on the testicles with an iron crowbar heated to four-hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit. By a guy nicknamed Knuckles.

What we’re talking about here is decent men. The kind of man who is sincere in his courting efforts. A man who knows what he wants, and isn’t afraid of a little challenge. The kind of  man who, by his very existence makes you feel like a woman.

So, if you’re fretting away, wondering whether he is ‘the one’ or not ‘the one’, don’t waste your energy. It’s a simple calculation.

Do you wake to a good morning text and eat your three o’clock office chocolate to a check-in email? Does your phone light up the night with a ‘good-night’ or ‘sweet dreams’ ?  If you can answer all of these, he’s into you. If it’s no, then he’s not.

No, he did not faint from excitement because you texted, emailed or called. No, he is not always busy Friday or Saturday evening with his mother, sister, grandmother, daughter, aunt, or other such poo-ha.

If he’s busy at night, he’ll drop by with a latte at your office during the day. If he’s busy during the day, he won’t miss an opportunity to keep your company during the evening.

Oh, yes, let’s not forget the tingly bits; He holds your hand, kisses you the first chance he gets, and generally thinks you’re the best thing since his five blade razor.

When men want to be in your life, they’re in your life; You can’t keep them away.

Yes sweetie, it’s that simple.




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