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The Music Of Your Life

Scene from a high school dance in Tallahassee,...
Scene from a high school dance in Tallahassee, Florida (Photo credit: State Library and Archives of Florida)

Few things can take me back to a moment in time like music.

I know which song was playing on the radio when I had my first car accident way back when I was a teenager.

I remember “We Are Family” blaring out my speakers as I made a badly timed left-hand turn into a ‘family’ vehicle full of brothers. To this very day I hate that song.

I remember rocking my infant, colicky child listening to She Bangs, with tears in my eyes, thinking to myself, that the Grand-She would never bang again.

Of course there are songs that make us remember the ‘true love’s’ that have come and gone from our lives.

I remember coming in from my very first kiss. My teenage self settled into a long bath set to the dulcet tones of Meatloaf’s, You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth, and I continued to dream about when that lovely sensation of a kiss with the boy of my dreams, and when it might happen again.

The very first song a boy dedicated to me on the radio, and dubbed as “our song” was Bob Marley’s  Stir It Up.  And stir it up we did my darlings. Over and over and over. Shameless isn’t it? I’ll admit, if I could go back  and do it again, I’d spend way, way, way more time skipping class and making love in every somewhat private nook and cranny we could find. Le sigh.…those were the days.

Then there was the tragic rebound relationships spent with a lovely young man. Appropriately enough, he chose Lost Together as our song. How telling, how ominous, how wonderful to double as our inevitable break-up song as well? Irony is the tragic tale of the romantic at heart my darlings..

Somewhere in there were ‘our songs’ with various and sundry other true-love-wanna-be’s; Sinead O’Connor’s Nothing Compares to You, The Human League’s originally titled, Human,  (two very poor choices for love songs by the way). Of course, growing up in the 90’s, every girl had a boyfriend choose Bryan Adams’ Everything I Do to slow-dance and smooch too.

Don’t you think there should be way more slow-dancing and smooching during our  adult years? Wouldn’t it make the days pass with more tantalizing anticipation, and night fly by on the wings of passionate love making? Yes, yes it would. Note to self; talk to my man about making this happen…

Let’s not forget the boys who liked country; Keeper of The Stars, Chances Are ( A Personal Favourite of Mine) and If Tomorrow Never Comes.

I offer up a selection of my musical memories from around the world;’

The Englishman; China Girl (Don’t ask, there’s only so much peeking into my intimate moments)

The Northern South American: Suavemente

The More Southerly of the South Americans: Words Don’t Come Easy (This One’s for you Teri Old Gal!)

The Kiwi: She Doesn’t Dance

The West Coast Guy: Moondance

The Older  Italian: Take a Chance on Me

The Viking: Saltwater Man & Blue Sky girl or Patricia The Stripper

The Other Older Italian: Night Time is the Right Time

My Adult Crush: These Foolish Things

The Young Hottie: Beside You

The Frenchman: Kiss and Say Good-Bye

The Younger Hottie: Leave Your Hat On

My Sexual Mentor:  Ain’t No Cure For Love

Now, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all swooning, candlelight and love songs my sweet little lovelies. There was plenty of heartache, and even more laughter.

My wish is that tonight you sip something warm, slip into something slinky and reenact some of your musically inspired fantasies with your wonderful, much-deserving men.




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