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Savoury Sundy: Parrothead Delight

parrotsOh darlings, don’t panic. I don’t mean the heads of parrots.

No.  I’m talking about Parrotheads my friends, a group that I am a proud, card-carrying member of, despite my demure demeanor. Ah-hem…..

So, in honour of my club’s summer concert party, I offer up a simple Parrothead delight. Pair with cheeseburgers of course.

McDishy’s White-Wine-Why-Not-Phlock-Spritzers

White wine ( as much as you want)

Ice-cold Club Soda

Lemon wedges for squeezing

Pour at least half your glass full of wine, top up with icy club soda, and squeeze in a bit of lemon.

Best consumed poolside, seaside or on your patio, surrounded by your Phlock of Parrothead Pals. Wearing much more than your bathing suit and a light cover up is gauche. Mustachioed men who know the words to Blame it On The Rum considered highly attractive.

Musical Selection

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