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Savoury Sunday; Veal & Marsala

Time to get back to the kitchen my love. Yes, that’s right. This week take advantage of any rainy nights by preparing this simply delicious treat.

A Special Occasion: 14 of 365
A Special Occasion: 14 of 365 (Photo credit: Close to Home)

What’s that you say? Wine? Of course. Try Villa Pozzi Merlot, a wine that loves food and won’t break the bank. It will charm you with it’s voluptuous flavor to make you forget all the reasons you stayed single for so very long.

You could serve this with mashed potatoes or a fresh green salad.

Don’t forget some fresh bread and cheeses to follow the meal.

Below the recipe you will find a tune to help inspire a fun ambiance and second or third bottle of vino!


4 veal cutlets (1/8″ thick)

2 tbsp. all purpose flour

3 tbsp. olive/grapeseed oil

salt and pepper to taste

Parsley (chopped)  to garnish


1) Season the veal with salt and pepper and coat with flour.

2) Heat oil in large pan, adding veal cutlets and cook on high heat for one minute per side.

3) Add wine to the pan with the veal and let it cook for a minute.

4) Serve warm with pan juices spooned over the veal.


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