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"True good-bye's are the ones never said or explained." ~Anonymous~
“True good-bye’s are the ones never said or explained.”

Saying good-bye is an emotional thing. Unless someone has over-stayed their welcome, and then it comes with a quick hug, little peck on the cheek and swift closing and locking the door.

As I say good-bye to a seven-and-a-half year run in my career, I have had to say numerous good-byes.  A lady can only be subjected to so much stress before she turns to booze, sex and the sultry tunes of Leonard Cohen. You’re all lucky I survived the trip!

After 30 days of good-bye’ing, I think I’m all good-byed out. I’m tired of hugging, kissing, and mourning.  I’m tired of the pull my heart feels every time I send an email, have a meeting, or am the honoured guest at a good-bye party. I have  professional-good-bye- burn-out.

Most of all, I’m tired of not crying.

Yes, you heard it right. I’m off on a new adventure, and I’m a little nervous. Good-bye parties and cake and cards make this stepping out into the unknown that much more real.  You can’t go back after everyone’s signed the card, that’s just bad manners my sweet little kumquats.

Everyone seemed to have the same question about moving along to a new station in my career, ” Aren’t you nervous?”, or a statement, “I’d be so scared if I were you.”

Way to make a girl feel confident.

My every trustworthy girl-gut is telling me that it’s all going to be great, that my next stop will be a challenge and a success. My intuition has never been wrong, and I’ve never ever thought that I would fail at anything.

We do become our thoughts, so I like to keep mine strong and positive.

This month has been a challenge. Getting through good-byes, and just peeking over a new horizon is pretty awesome stuff.  Not crying takes an incredible amount of energy for me…and as it turns out, some scotch, a little Willy Nelson, and a road trip…..but I digress…

I have hugged and re-hugged every co-worker except the one with whom I’ve held a peaceful truce throughout my stay. There’s always one, isn’t there my little darlings? I just know my professional nemesis is doing a happy dance somewhere right now.

A professional nemesis is good for the soul. They keep us humble, patient, and always ready for a good drink, or a long, sweaty, naked snog when we throw off the coils of the work day. Good-bye nemesis, I shall miss you. I promise to toast you with something icy on the patio tonight.

I’m so looking forward to getting back to my writing, my poetry, my music and the silliness that all of this good-bye’ing has put on hold.

As summer starts to roll out hot humid days, I will be donning ultra-conservative suits and starting a new journey. Please send bourbon, bubbly and a boy my way….


9 thoughts on “Good-Bye’s

  1. Oh, the nemesis. If one is lucky, the nemesis can inspire you to greater heights as well as the things you mention. Other times… all they provide is lying awake at night how someone so incompetent can live to adulthood, and is it possible that everyone else of Earth doesn’t hate them?

      1. Ack, with that silver tongue, I’m sure you could talk your way into and out of anything and if for some wild reason that doesn’t work, feed them!

  2. All the very best on the new adventure! Have a fabulous summer (and hope to see you at Scott Kirby on the 12th.)

  3. When one reaches a crossroads in life in which a path must be chosen, it is sometimes with much anguish and reflection that the decision is made. It is at this point in your life journey that you now find yourself. I rest assured that you have not made the decision hastily and will do well. Best wishes for a successful career change, and if all else fails, rely on your natural charm which cannot be denied.

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