Recipe For Disaster

English: A layered pound cake, with alternatin...

English: A layered pound cake, with alternating interstitial spaces filled with raspberry jam and lemon curd, finished with buttercream frosting. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m a self-diagnosed Facebook addict. It’s how I connect with my friends who are busy with, well, life.

It’s how I connect with the local businesses that I support, promote my own business, get wine reviews, and receive updates regarding my spiritual development.

It is also a place where people post delicious looking recipes. Delicious looking. Not delicious.

Last night I baked a batch of miracle applesauce-banana-oat-vegan bars that turned out to look and feel like a delightfully cushy, rubber, yoga mat. I managed to convince my teenager that they were special energy bars which would help provide fuel for the track meet today.

Last month I spent the day making a lemon cake with raspberry curd and lemon butter cream icing. A friend had posted a rather complex recipe that I couldn’t  wait to try.

I bought six precious, sweet Meyer lemons that have a flavour that’s out of this world. What I actually produced was a trifle-looking concoction. After juggling the layers, I picked up the caked, plunked it in a crystal dish and  smoothed it into something that looked edible.

My first foray into the it-looks-good-but-I’ve-never-actually-tried-to-bake-it was a batch of protein powder energy bars. Yah, they were great – for breaking a tooth. I should have stopped there.

My plea to you obsessive recipe-posting-fanatics; try the recipe before you post it. If it turns out, please share it. Be sure to include your tips, tricks and preferences once you’ve perfected the recipe. Had I known the banana-applesauce-vegan bars would have turned out the way they did, I would have tripled the recipe and created a mat I could share with my yoga pals after our next class. A little research in the kitchen goes a long way.


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