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Stategic Planning for Summer

strategic plan

A Strategic Plan  list of ‘Early Summer Things’ to do;

1) Plant flowers, herbs and veggies.

2) Pedicures – as many as possible.

3) Break in the new BBQ.

4) Spend hours sipping coffee and watching the baby birds learn to fly.

5) Have many impromptu visits with the neighbours a la patio, porch or front step.

6) Drive with the windows down.

7) Receive the joy of sunshine, green grass and thunder storms

8) Notice the subtle changes in season during your long twilight walks on the lake trail.

9) Sleep with the windows open.

10) Walk bare foot in the midnight grass, hand in hand with your sweetheart….


3 thoughts on “Stategic Planning for Summer

  1. Working on the backyard this year to turn it into my personal oasis. I will be sure to
    have you over for a girls drink fest.

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