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Anticipating Summer – Top Ten List

flip flops
flip flops (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The sun is shining, and the temperatures have finally stretched into the 20’s. Our little corner of the world is waking from the long, cold, winter slumber and reaching out to the hot, humid days of summer.

This is when the world outside comes alive, nymphlike and beckoning us to come and play.

This is the ANDSHELAUGHS Anticipating Summer Top Ten list


1) Flip-Flops

2) Wine on the patio

3) Open windows and a fresh breeze at night

4) The smell of the BBQ

5) Dining Al Fresco

6) Running on the trail by the lake

7) The buzz of lights at the baseball diamond

8) The ice-cream truck

9) Prepping the camping gear

10) Planning the garden

What are you looking forward to???

6 thoughts on “Anticipating Summer – Top Ten List

  1. You forgot to mention swimming in Phyllis’s pool and sitting in the buddy seat having a drink.


  2. The smell of fresh cut grass
    The sounds of the kids playing outside
    Outdoor concerts
    The beach
    Going outside without a coat!
    The 4th of July celebration
    Farmer’s Market
    Seeing all the gorgeous flowers people plant

  3. Great anticipatory on summer, that wondeful time of year. I’m looking forward to:
    • Walks by the ocean
    • Ventueing on the trails on my ATV
    • A cold beer on the patio
    • Washing the car on a sunny day
    • Watching my nephew play soccer

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