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Canada’s Sexy Political Landscape

Yep. Our great Canadian democracy has gotten exponentially sexier since Justin Trudeau was elected leader of the Federal Liberal Party.

Oh, hold on to your uptight pants before you start criticizing my shallow insight into the politics of such a great nation.

I get it. Likely more than anyone. We have serious issues to tackle; the false economy of inflated compensation for bureaocrats in the public, private and non-profit sectors, genetically modified food, lack of environmental initiatives, and most of all, a complete snow-job on the real innovative potential that we insist on marginalizing in favour of the old status quo.

But I digress into the big, scary world of independent thought my darlings. Let us not tax our-dainty-selves with real solutions to real problems. Why, whatever would we do with real leaders? Let us rest our wee lady brains and  sip a cocktail while  ogling  young  Mr. Trudeau;





English: Justin Trudeau promotional photo take...


Although I’m all for change when it comes to the Canadian tradition of voting only Liberal/Conservative, the tingling in my loins may push me over the rational, democratic edge. To hell with slowing global warming I think I’ll vote to heat up the great white north.  I may vote liberal just so I can see this fresh-faced-sex-pot every day when I check the news.

Somebody please get this man into firemen overalls….and for the love of all that’s holy, top up my drinky-poo won’t you darling?


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