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I Would if I Could

After love making
After love making (Photo credit: Matt Romack Photography)

…after a day like this, I would slip into a t-shirt, panties and flip-flops and crash in front of the television with my favourite take-out and a cold beer.

I would eat it all, and savour every delicious drop straight from the bottle.

I would know that you were on your way.

I would light some candles and turn out the lights.

I would put on my favourite music, and slide into a hot bath with a glass or two of wine.

I would shave my legs and smooth every inch of my body.

I would soak, deep, deep in the water, right up to my neck.

Wrapped in my favourite bath towel, I would smooth lotion over my warm, damp skin, and sing along to the love songs at the top of my lungs.

I would set out our ice water, your wine, turn down the bed, and warm the massage oil.

I would look forward to you; your big hands, your soft kiss and your machismo.

I would meet  you at the door with nothing on but my smile.

I would kiss you out of your clothes and into bed.

I would caress every blessed inch of your body

I would wash away the demands of the day with passionate love making,

and I would rest, head on your chest, hand on your heart

until tomorrow

and then

I would start all over again.

3 thoughts on “I Would if I Could

  1. Oh my, I’m a bit overwhelmed remembering how I would rest with my head on Peter’s chest, listening to his heart beat. It stopped beating exactly 11 months ago today.

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