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The Boys of Summer

Official Major League Baseball - Close-up Shot
Official Major League Baseball – Close-up Shot (Photo credit: Jason Michael)

It’s a sure sign that spring is upon us, and summer is close behind when the boys of summer join us in the great white north for some baseball.

I can’t think of anything more relaxing than being at the stadium watching a game, with the rest of the world on hold. Cynics have argued with me that it’s a game not a sport. Yah, so what?

I challenge you to bend over in a pair of baseball pants and show off a rear end as fabulous as most of those men…but I digress darlings…

As I pack my ballpark bag, strap on my ‘lucky’ sneakers, and get settled into my blue seat along the first baseline, I wish you all the joy that comes with the start of the Major League Baseball season, little league, and everything in between.



2 thoughts on “The Boys of Summer

  1. I love going to the Jay’s games. I haven’t gone in a couple of years mostly due to timing or finances. This year for sure I want to go. Maybe a girl’s trek is in order?

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