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Words Don’t Come Easy

unedited My new pedicure free for use My photo...
unedited My new pedicure free for use My photos that have a creative commons license and are free for everyone to download, edit, alter and use as long as you give me, “D Sharon Pruitt” credit as the original owner of the photo. Have fun and enjoy! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey gorgeous. Yah, you, over there with the spikey hair, green eyes and bad-ass attitude.

Yah, you, you sex pot with your pedicured toes up on that plastic chair waiting for your pizza ‘no queso’, smoking a cigarette like you’re  making love to the damn thing.

How are you doing?

You know, we are soul mates of a sort. All prickles on the outside and a big goopey-girl-mess on the inside.

I heard this today and thought of you….and I laughed. I laughed so hard I peed my pants a little bit…LADY!!!

Over ten years ago I met an older, much wiser love-life mentor in the southern hemisphere. We all need  at least one older woman to show us the man-ropes.  They remind us to have fun, use our brains as well as our hearts, and most importantly, not to settle.

Ms. T used to remind me, ” If this is what he’s like at the beginning, how is it going to end?” In other words, a bad relationship with the wrong guy starts rough, and ends even more rough.

By the time I’d met her, she’d been around, but so had I. We laughed together until our sides ached. We perfected the art of seduction and flirtation. We were daring and out to see and be seen.

We loved the thrill of the chase, thinking that one day we would have it all.

After all these years, we’ve finally figured out that we already did have it all. More than most anyway. Dignity, hard-won as single women, with warm hearts and broad shoulders.

Words indeed do not come easy in a foreign land, but the language of love  and mischief is universal.

Keep that little bit of hell-fire burning in your belly ladies. You’ll never know when you might need it!

The best way is to surround yourself with other ‘wild women’, who can remind you who you are when you’ve forgotten.

Thanks Ms. T. for always being silly with me. Love you like cake!

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