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Why I’m Going to Be the Awesomest English Teacher Ever

" I cannot teach anyone anything. I can only make them think."~ Socrates ~
” I cannot teach anyone anything. I can only make them think.”
~ Socrates ~

You know those days? Those really, really, really,bad day?

Yes, the days that made some genius invent the hat with two beer can holders and a straw? 

Well my sweet little Sleeman-lights, I had a string of those days this winter that made me set out on a pilgrimage to find my long-lost dreams and slay the beastly, vicious, unrelenting dragon of fear that had me cowering and afraid to move.

The good news is I killed the bastard. 

Ok, maybe I didn’t kill it, but it knows not to mess with me for a while.

My pilgrimage has resulted in budding business plans, and a new course of study to get me back on track toward realizing  dreams I’d left behind.

Being a responsible adult doesn’t have to mean watching your dreams get washed out to sea.

I’ve always come alive when I’m learning something new, and I’ve always been pretty happy when I achieve another degree, diploma, certification or license.

These days it’s not so much the piece of paper that satisfies me though. It’s the knowledge that I have enough life experience to offer kindness and wisdom to someone else.

Being graded on a lesson plan which had to be centered around a song inspired the Parrothead in me.  How’s this for therapeutic education?


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