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To the Loud Mouth at Starbucks

cell phoneHey Dickwad, keep it down over there.

Yah, you, you loudmouth douchebag.

Do you pay Starbucks for your rented office space?

If you do, then I suggest you buy a damn door so the rest of the world doesn’t have to listen to you try to close a real estate deal while we’re trying to un-fucking-wind.

Why don’t the other twelve of us who are here enjoying our beverages and reading, chatting, or surfing the web take a freaking vote on the April 1st closing date? 

Does privacy mean anything to you?! I now know your client’s name, address and the amount of his freaking mortgage. Pass me one of your business cards so I make sure all of my friends know not to do business with you, you ignorant prick.

….get a room.



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11 thoughts on “To the Loud Mouth at Starbucks

  1. Wow now that was a well deserved rant :-). Totally want his name just in case we ever decide to buy another house because we have use for privacy and wamt the world to know our business. Too bad you can’t get in touch with the client. That would be a coup 🙂

  2. oh my gosh, this reminds me of when I owned a small pizza shop..a local accountant was sitting at one of the tables talking to his friends about one of his clients…you can bet I never did business with him and never recommended him to anyone…

  3. Ha Ha That was a good one , OMG has anyone else ever said anything? Maybe you should pretend you are on your phone and talk about this idiot !!!!! Well deserved Rant! 🙂

  4. Wow. You must have been extremely pissed off because I’ve never read a post like this one from you before and you are totally right about it too. What an invasion of privacy for all concerned!

  5. I went to one of the Starbucks in the Beach today and even though it was crowded, everything was fine and I was able to enjoy one of the sugar-free concoctions they designed for me until — you guessed it — one of those one-sided, loud “business” conversations started up. The guy obviously worked for a bank and made sure we all knew it. I stopped reading my library book and left. Stay home or shut the fuck up, moron!

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