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Ontario Women Stripped of Health Care Coverage

English: Statue of crying woman by World War v...
English: Statue of crying woman by World War victim memorila in Častotice, Třebíč District. Česky: Socha plačící ženy u památníku obětem sv. válek v Častoticích, okr. Třebíč. Autor: Eduard Činčera (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ll make this short and to the point.

Today the Ontario Ministry of Health announced significant cuts to OHIP coverage for women, putting us at higher risk for diagnosis of life threatening disease at more advanced stages.

Our pathetic excuse of a government reduced coverage for annual PAP tests from once a year to once every 3 years. They quote new, recommended ‘guidelines’.

Yah, right. Guidelines concerned with the bottom line, rather than with the well-being of an already poorly cared for population; women.

Perhaps our Ministry of Health might consider reducing the billions of dollars spent on chemotherapy drugs pimped to cancer patients who are at the very end of life, offering us, the citizens of Ontario, compassionate health care, rather than lining the pockets of Big Pharma?

Just a thought, but what am I thinking?! There’s no money to be made by making ethical decisions.

I urge every person in the province of Ontario to write a letter or send an email to their MPP demanding accountability and better health care for everyone.

Contact your Member of Provincial Parliament and let them know that cuts to already inadequate women’s health care are unacceptable.

I’ve made it easy for you, you can just copy and paste this letter if you don’t have the time to compose your own.

The women in your life will thank you for it.  Your mom, will likely thank you with a couple dozen of your favourite cookies still warm from her oven. Your sweet, sexy gal-pal will certainly give you a long, sensuous smooch.


Dear: ___________-


I am writing as a resident of _____________ to regarding the recent change in OHIP funding for women’s annual PAP tests. Depriving women of adequate health care by withdrawing annual payment for these tests is unacceptable. Cuts to our health care system such as this put low-income, high-risk women and their families at significant risk of more advanced disease when diagnosed. This of course ultimately results in higher health care costs.

As a citizen, I demand my government be accountable for the decisions that are made with regard to our health care system. It has been eroding over the years, with decreased coverage for everything from eye exams to cancer screening tests such as CA125 and PSA tests.

Myself, and my family expect a response from you as our Member of Provincial Parliament with regard to the steps you are going to take to demand quality health care for EVERYONE in the province of Ontario.



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