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Our Psychadelic Hearts

psychedelicSo, here we are in the second millennium and we seem to be moving further away from knowing what love is.

This begs the question – what in the world is wrong with us?

For the first time in our Canadian, census history, there are more ‘single’ homes than traditional family homes, or homes with two adults partnered off in some kind of domestic commitment.

What gives? “Duh”, you might be thinking.

Oh, I know. Yes, yes, yes, I know why. You’ve told everyone that you’re perfecting yourself before you commit. Greatness was never achieved in isolation my little walnuts. The truth is, my sweet darling fellas and my sultry ladies, that you don’t want to sacrifice and share your space of someone unworthy of your greatness.

Yah, sure. Whatever. Get over yourselves. You and I, and everyone else on the planet have one thing in common; we all want to be loved and to love someone in return. perfect in our imperfection and we’re all terrified of rejection.

The great news? We all deserve to be loved. Yes, even the petrified, obnoxious, narcissists. They’re just the ones with the greatest fear and loneliness. But shhh….don’t tell them we’ve figured them out. Just go on and love them anyway. You may need a few drinky-poos, but what the hell, they’re people too. After all, even yours truly has made humiliating mistakes and lived to tell about it.

No one ever became a better person by isolating themselves and navel gazing. Sure, you might need to focus your attention on your spirituality, take time to get on the right path, or get over some bitterness that you might transfer to some unsuspecting, sweet little lollipop of a lover. We all go through phases.

The latest psychology news suggests that, LSD is becoming the drug of choice again. Research indicates that it increases empathy and heals past trauma. Perhaps instead of chocolate, the local five and dime needs to sell mini heart-shaped magic carpet rides this Valentine’s Day. Or….. not.

Sure, it’s scary as hell to take a leap of relationship-faith, especially if you’ve felt rejected, lost your confidence, screwed up or failed at a marriage, or never, really, ever felt loved.

Scary. Scarier still is never really connecting with another human being.   But the past is the past, and we are living today and facing the future.

Life can change in the blink of an eye if you’re brave enough. Friendships can be sealed over a cup of coffee.  A committed relationship can develop from nothing to the love of a lifetime with the tiniest of kisses. You can go from single to blissful partnership in a heartbeat – if you let go of fear and embrace the love you deserve.

In the build up to cupid’s day, I double-dog-dare you to open your heart to love. You may not have anyone in your life you’re ready to buy red lingerie for, but I bet there’s a least one person out there who wishes they were the one.


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