pomegraniteIt seems that the next wonderful holiday that we have to look forward to is Valentine’s Day.

So, to get you in the mood my darling readers, I give to you to feast upon, a platter of words.

After you read this, get on out there my sweet little chocolate covered cherries and be sensuous and lovable.


Plucking fruit from the careful platter

I sit before you

an offering serenaded by the mid-winter gloaming

calculated and subtle

like cheese baked to bursting,

a crack in the rind

forced open to ease the creamy center

a tragic release, tenderness forced to rise.

Your thick fingers

squeeze the delicate fruit from the stem.

My memory winks;

I’ve seen these hands before –

working, deft and capable.

This – this is a different light – though

now I have reason to hesitate.

Should I take each finger softly between my own,

kissing each knuckle

and letting the tips linger  between my teeth

so I can taste your skin?

Should I kiss your lips; a mere sigh of touch,

letting your hands find my cheek,

feathering a thumb over my lip

preparing my tongue for yours?

Or, even to my breast

as our mouths press, ever, so, slowly

warm, wet, disappearing like August morning fog;

from our lips, to our breath, through our bodies…?

Wondering, who are we?

I do none of that. Simply studying you.

A grape; A fig; Deep, bitter chocolate.

You taste it all;

your beautiful fingers busied in the employ

of bringing each sensation to your succulent mouth,

as I watch, waiting

for my turn.

Copyright 2013


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