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CU 2nite ;)

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”~George Bernard Shaw~
“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”
~George Bernard Shaw~

I love receiving text messages throughout the day that have nothing to do with what I’m doing.

Hearing from my whimsical gal-pals about their silliness makes me smile and laugh, a flirty text can bring my confidence level up when I’m in a meeting, and there’s nothing better than looking forward to; “CU2nite;)”.

The most significant pandemic of our time is said to be loneliness. There are few things other than words (whether written, spoken or sung), that provide a more immediate, and complete remission.

However truncated our messages have become, via text, social networking or email, they are a lifeline of connection to the people, places and things that bring quality to our lives.

I am often perceived as a confident, direct communicator. The reality is that I’m a babbler. Yes gentle readers, there you have it, my literary confession.

I talk before I think, and the written word is a handy tool that I use to craft my random, kaleidoscope of seemingly unrelated creative thoughts into some sort of structure which  others can understand. After all, our sense of connection comes from satisfying that very basic human need to be understood in a way that makes us feel safe and accepted.

The written word has the power to destroy, build-up, unify and divide. The dissemination of information for any great change in the world is via the written word. The tidal wave of change known  ‘Arab Spring’ (somebody really did a crappy job of labelling that one-more like the Arab Dash to Hell), was credited to real-time, digital communication. The vehicle was the internet. The goods being delivered were words; written, crafted and delivered  for a purpose.

The printing press prodded the European dark age into the sharp rays of enlightenment. The vehicles were flyers, books, and pamphlets. The delivered goods were words, carefully considered, written down to educate, persuade and inspire religious, political and social revolution.

Words inspire, connect and inspire us to action. That was the gist of a presentation that I had to give this week.

Even if you’re not known for your way with words, or your gift of gab, rest assured, your communication is a lifeline to someone out there.

So, I urge you, my incredibly sensuous, epicurean readers, pick up your smart phones and text or email the people who are in your heart.  Even if it’s simply for a cup of coffee with a pal, or a delightfully, lingering snog over a pint or two.

Communication is our life blood, and the ‘word’ still reigns above all else.

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