To A Dirty Old Man

fedoraLeonard Cohen, you dirty old sod,

you’re ancient and withered

but the ladies still want your bod.

You’re dirty and you’re eloquent

and damned to be a saint.

Oh, my man Leonard,

you’re everything you say you ain’t.

For a Jewish, Buddhist monk

you’re irreverent and you’re cute.

Your lusty little secrets

can’t hide beneath your suit.

Your dapper hat, your crooked smile,

your second-hand physique

make modest older women wet

and then go very weak.

For lesser men with half your charm

you’ve left no words to speak

that you, our idol, Leonard

haven’t already given to the weak.

So bless you for your sharing sir,

may you travel well and safe,

and I wish for you, you dirty man

sated women in your wake.


Copyright 2012


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