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What if Christmas Was Every Day?

christmas church“There will be no peace in the world until it’s Christmas every day.”

That’s what someone’s Facebook post said today, and it got me thinking. My wee little gal brain whirred and came to a sudden halt.

What a crock of ….”. No. Wait. Not. So. Fast.

It isn’t a crock of diddly poo at all. After all, I’m the duchess of , ” Oh, isn’t it wonderful that it’s Christmas time. I must cook and entertain and spread holiday cheer like Tinkerbell spreading pixie dust.”

Oddly enough, I am also the duchess of driving, queen of the shabby salute, and assigning the label of ‘flipping jackass’ to any driver who forgets to signal, or hesitates more than two seconds at an advanced green.

Not during the week before Christmas, and the days between Christmas and the new year. I smile and laugh more. Not the maniacal laughter of a woman on the edge, but deep laughter. My smiles are more contented and last longer. I let people merge into traffic two at a time, and step in front of me at the checkout without telling them how it is.

When I surround myself with smiles and laughter, I smile and laugh more, which magically removes the jackass element of those around me.

Why? Because you see my darlings, Christmas is the one time of the year that my friends and I are in sync with our friendship priorities. We make time, spend time, and reminisce.  We smile. We laugh. Sometimes we even shed a tear or two, but in all of this, we feel less isolated, and more human.

This Christmas I’ve had many a peck under the mistletoe on my ruby cheeks from friends who have come to visit. Our visits have reaffirmed the knowledge that I already have. The pendulum of life swings, back and forth, from hard  times to good times for everyone. We all have joys, and sorrows. We all have wishes and fears.  Sharing them with one another makes it all more bearable, wherever that pendulum is. Spending time together  reminds us to be compassionate, and to love one another gently.

If this year is one of transition for you and you are feeling lost without tradition, remember that you are not alone. Behind tidy front doors, and proper smiles, we all know what it’s like to feel lonely, to feel lost, and to need the company of others, more so during the holidays than at any other time.  We need you as much as you need us.

So, if Christmas did live in our hearts every day, it may just make peace root in our own hearts, and grow, out, and into the world we share with one another.

Wishing you peace and wisdom at Christmas time and always.

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