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Christmas Style

" A girl should be two things; classy and fabulous."~Coco Chanel~
” A girl should be two things; classy and fabulous.”
~Coco Chanel~

I’m a classic kinda gal. I like to buy simple things that stand the test of time; clothing, china, furniture.

Coincidently, that’s how I like my men – simple, classic lines and here for the duration, or until the bubbly wears off, either one, depending on just how simple he is.

But I digress. I give you a few thoughts on Christmas style.

1) As always, function trumps beauty. High angle view of a young woman lying in snow making a snow angelIf you are dressed to the nines for a walk in the woods, a skating party, or skiing, no one wants to spend time with you. Dress for the occasion; black tie – wear a tux, formal – a suit and tie, active and outdoors – dress warmly and carry tissues.

2) Sparkles. Unless you are a six-year-old girl sparkles are gauche. Ok, I’ll give it to anyone up to and including 18 years of age but that’s it. There is nothing worse than being scared to death like I was this morning by a septuagenarian duded up like a sparkly, blue, whale at Starbucks. Ooga-booga, I almost lost my nog-latte. I was terrified sea-weed or a mermaid was going to drop out from under the sequins.

johnny depp3) Men and scarves. Avoid any fabric that even has a hint of shine. Something manly, a light cashmere in a warm tone of blue, grey, brown, green, or even eggplant. Simple, classic, and very sexy. An investment you’ll never regret. Of course, if you’re Johnny Depp or Stephen Tyler, anything goes.

4) Costume jewelry. Who cares, it’s fake. Go all out, and entertain yourself. At a certain age, no one looks that closely other than yourself. Indulge your feminine love for sparkles here and make yourself happy.

5) Boots. I love boots; sexy, sleek, stiletto-heeled boots. I also like not having a concussion. Again – dress for the weather. Switch footwear if you have to, before heading indoors, and be sure to carry a shoe/boot bag for such occasions. It also helps to have a wonderfully strong, handsome man drive you to your destination so you can be dropped off at the door while he hunts for a parking spot, and then wades his way through the ferocious weather to be by your side.

6) Undies. They add an extra layer of warmth. Optional for your cozy romantic night in by the fire.

channing-tatumin hat7) Hats. Go 20’s style ladies, with lovely lipstick. Also, avoid men wearing tams, toques with ear flaps, anything with tassels and ball caps. Ball caps are adorable, they’re just not winter adorable. Not even Channing Tatum can carry off a stupid hat.

8) Red dresses, like red coats and nighties, scream, ” I need attention! Please, oh pretty please, won’t you look at me.” With a pout of course. winter whiteBe classy and wear something with great lines, a dark colour, and punch it up with some classic pearls or gold. Winter white works well too.

9) Cafe attire. To encourage a hospitable atmosphere, shake the snow and slush off your pretty little tootsies before stepping inside. Make sure you layer because it can get pretty chilly with a door opening and closing. Scarves are de riguer.

10) Babies and dogs. The more adorable and silly the better. Please stop dressing your children like small adults. They are not adults, they’re kids. They are not extensions of your busy, professional self, they are little people who like to play.bunny suit

Wishing you comfort and joy this Christmas!!!



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