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Gifts Anyone Can Give

 “Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.”~ Tennessee Williams ~
“Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.”
~ Tennessee Williams ~

‘Tis the season. Again….

If you’re like a lot of gals I know, you’re looking for ways to enjoy the holidays without stressing your delicate selves with the financial strain the holidays are famous for.

We all know the perils of grocery shopping while hungry, and at this glorious age, we’ve also figured out not to shop when feeling guilty or like we have not time to rest and relax with our friends. Guilt buying and time pressures equal overspending.

But why buy at all? Ok, ok, I do understand. After all, the gifts are already wrapped under our tree, and giving gives us a beautiful inner glow.

But for the most part, what do we really need that we don’t already have?  A candle? Nah. Perfume? Nope. Not from a pal. After all, we’re strong, independent women,and perfume is an intimate gift. Either you want to choose your scent yourself, or your fine fellow knows just what you love to wear and keeps you in stock year ’round.

I give you, my busy, over-tired, over-stressed readers, a list of gifts that won’t break the bank, but will require the true gift of yourself, and time….

1) Make a skating date. Most cities have free skating on at least one outdoor rink. Set a date, bring a thermos of hot chocolate and some cookies. Voila! Instant fun. PLUS – there are likely all kinds of fit, fine, men keeping their hockey thighs in shape. That will keep you warm. (Bring some extra cups to share your yummy hot chocolate)

2) Pedicure together. You keep yourself well-groomed for the holidays, especially  you gals on the take. After all, holiday time is romantic time, and a spontaneous cuddle isn’t out of the question. Meet your gal pal and sit side by side as your tootsies are treated to some smooth grooming. On a grooming note, do not plan dual waxing sessions. Not cool.

3) Pajama night. Have a sleepover. Get comfy in your pj’s, order a pizza, get a bottle of lovely red and watch chick flicks together.

4) Take a starlit walk. The sky is beautifully clear during cold winter nights, and the stars glow so much brighter. If you live close to your pal, take time at the very end of the day to walk out in the crisp air and wonder at the beauty and quiet. This is where a delicate little flask might come in handy.

5) Play. Go tobogganing. Seriously, why not? Remember how much fun it was when you were a kid?  Well, surprise, it’s still fun. It’s like carnival rides and playing hide and seek. We forget the fun of being childlike. Be childlike together and laugh until you’re breathless.

6) Go to a gallery or museum ( wonderful women always keep a membership  somewhere culturally sophisticated where they can take their friends, or escape on their own).  If you don’t have a membership most galleries and museums have nights where general admission is either free or reduced. It’s a great escape, and again, the single guys you meet at galleries can carry a great conversation, know wonderful jewelry when they see it, and would treat you single darlings like the queens you are.

7) Make a date to pick up the phone for some girl talk. Real girl talk. You know, the kind you had when you lived on your own – before hubbies and live-ins and babies.

8) Give yourself a gift. Get a massage. Go to a spa. Spend an entire day reading and relaxing. Just take some time to decompress. This will take you a long way down the road to being able to de-stress and make time for the people who make you happy and remind you of the incredible human being that you are.

9) Post a kitschy friendship photo to your best bud’s  Facebook page. Just one.

10) Write a letter. You know, the kind that you have to buy a stamp for and put in the post.  Give your pal something to look forward to other than the bills that, try as you may to avoid, will find their way to our mailboxes next month.

Pssst! All of you wonderful andshelaughs men…..these are also great date ideas….especially the ones that you do out in the cold so your gal has an excuse to snuggle into your big, strong arms…mmm!

I hope my ideas for simple gifts motivate you to share them with your gal-pals. Send them a link to this darling little post, and choose your activity together.

Wishing you a very happy, very special holiday season with your best pals. After all, it is the women in our lives who we turn to, to keep ourselves positive, motivated, and from abandoning our wonderful men.



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