Missing You at Christmas Time

christmas star

christmas star (Photo credit: brockvicky)

Whether it’s through death, divorce or distance, sometimes who we miss creates a hole so vast in our souls that it’s hard to enjoy anyone’s company at Christmas time.

At my house, it’s all-Christmas-all-the-time from the last weekend in November until the great turkey-coma at the end of the day on the 25th. My door is open to friends and family, and I’m constantly busy in the kitchen baking cookies and meals to share.

But I miss someone terribly at Christmas time, and despite it being over a decade since we said good-bye, I still feel lonely sometimes.

Grief,especially fresh grief,  comes and goes like a wave. Some days are calm, and other days your grief can swell to tsunami proportions, or throw out a rogue wave when you least expect it.  Over time, grief becomes less intense but you will never forget.

Light a candle and honour your grief, acknowledge it, and let it settle in where it needs to.

It’s ok to be sad, and feel a bit lonely despite the festive celebrations and twinkling lights, just don’t let sadness manifest and ruin the time with the ones who are by your side.

I always say, “You can’t be sad when you’re drinking champagne.” I also think that it’s pretty hard to be sad when you’re sinking your teeth in to a jolly gingerbread man and sipping some eggnog.

Never forget, but honour their life and yours by cultivating joy.


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