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Lest We Forget

Today was Remembrance Day in Canada. We wear poppies sold by the Canadian Legion, and honour our military, past and present, with a moment or two of silence at 11am.

My kiddo and I attended a local parade and cenotaph wreath ceremony.

As the trumpet solemnly wailed the final  notes of The Last Post, three old war planes flew overhead in perfect formation. The crowd bowed their heads in silence, and we paid our respects.

Today is not only a national day to ‘Remember’ our war heroes. It is a day I remember my Grandmother, a woman, who against all odds not only survived, but thrived in the world.

So, it came naturally to me to think of the women who have fought for our freedom here in Canada and around the world. I thought of the women who serve in the military, and the women who stay home and keep us sane when the world has gone mad.

Women lead with an organic sense of compassion and courage. We are ferocious nurturers.  We need to love one another, and stand united. Whether it be in war-time or peace time, women, united have an incredible power to effect change.

In a Globe and Mail article today about sexual economics, columnist Margaret Wente, argued women need to hold out on their lovin’ to make this generation of young men strive to ‘be more”.

Before we waste the  talents of our young women mothering men of the same generation, we need to foster our own courage and be compassionate to the other women in our lives. If we do that, we automatically are courageous and compassionate about helping one another in our roles as women, wives, mothers and daughters.

During great wars, it has been women at home who have sacrificed and fought to maintain  stability for families and nations.

Today I bowed my head in honour of our fallen soldiers, the ones who have survived, and the troops we have defending Canadian democracy around the world.

I also remembered that I am a woman who comes from a long line of women. Courageous, compassionate, and ferociously loving.

One thought on “Lest We Forget

  1. Your post makes me think of the friendship between Lucy and Ethel on the old TV show “I Love Lucy”. They could, and did, count on each other. True friendship between women.

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