A nice weekend read from the ANDSHELAUGHS vault….enjoy!


015beea7a87defc65c7543a0af7f31ddLast week, I was sitting all alone in silence. I was patiently waiting for the rare, almost Monday-evening-extinct  bird of inspiration to strike.  As is my habit when I’m in a preternatural funk, I check my email, facebook, twitter, blog and homepage a kazillion times every hour.

Monday evening, in my very still position as hunter of inspiration, I had a fresh email from one of my besty’s husbands. This doesn’t happen often. The men in the lives of my pals know of my rapier-like wit, and steer clear of me unless they want to talk politics, baseball,need an opinion, need a gift -giving solution, or have a hell of a joke to share.

I clicked on an email expecting a joke or question about a gift, although my pal’s birthday isn’t until January, and their Anniversary was in April.  Porn. He had sent me the world’s most tacky, hilarious, gob-smacking 20 seconds of porn I’d seen in a very long – well, now…

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