Ms. M’s Mid-Life Crisis or How to Stay Young Despite Your Age

ImageYou know who you are Ms.M. I’m writing this just for you, and the hair you don’t quite know what to do with. You and your wavy hair and bright red sports car.

You know who you are.

You are NOT having a mid-life crisis, you are merely fighting to give breath to the fabulous woman inside of you who is a bit fatigued from day to day grind of being another amazing woman who does it all.

You are not having a mid-life crisis. You are merely taking advantage of your free time and hard-earned wisdom. Just as I do with my late nights and thorough enjoyment of a good, hard, cuddle when it pops up. Ah-hem….

You see, although birthdays keep sneaking up on me, I am not having a mid-life crisis. My little flings and busy social calendar are merely acts of a wise woman who knows what it’s like to live fully.

After all, you can attest, can you not marvelous Ms. M, to the fact that as we age, memories of the risks we took, the loves we fell into at first sight, and our impulse holidays are the best memories we have?

What else keeps us company on long, cold, winter nights when we’re left to our own devices? Well, besides wonderfully attentive menfolk that is?

Surely you’re a woman of discerning tastes, dry wit and a bit of a hedonist like the rest of the tempting women I know? Don’t play coy with me. I know another great dame when I see one.

So, rest assured, you, nor I, are in the middle of some tacky mid-life crisis. We don’t do that kind of common thing now do we? Certainly not! We are women of the world, full of mischief, just a bit more sophisticated than we were say, last year, or ten years before that.

Raise a glass to our quirky friendships my friend! Take every opportunity to make your memories, and even as importantly, to share your outrageous stories with another woman to keep them young at heart as well.

Thanks for the chat today Ms. M., and for the huge complement. Was I really glowing? It must be the company I keep. Next time it’s your turn to tell me something deliciously devilish.

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