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Human Rights NOT Women’s Rights

English: Pro-choice Español: Pro-elección
English: Pro-choice Español: Pro-elección (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ah yes, it’s true, at a certain age, fewer and fewer things take us by surprise.  As I lie in bed watching the United States Vice-Presidential debate, I was gob-smacked that the question of a woman’s right to choose was asked.

I couldn’t have been more surprised than if my secret boyfriend Mr. Tatum crawled out from under my bed and pulled a Magic Mike routine.

What was so surprising for me is that we’re still having this debate at all. By virtue of the question being asked, women, including my fabulous self, are stripped of their autonomy. The right for a woman to choose what is best for herself and her body is a HUMAN right, not a feminist whim.

During the debate, Congressman Ryan had the first opportunity to respond, ending his two minutes with the  accusation that the pro-choice Democrats were in effect attacking the sacred religious institution of the Holy Catholic Church.  Vice-President Biden is a practicing Roman Catholic, and argued his point of towing the Democratic “Pro-Choice” line.   

My response (but what do I know, I’m only a woman), was; Holy religious crap! Are  you f-ing kidding me, who turned back the dial to 1950-freaking- two?  I cannot believe that this is still an issue that is acceptable for our political leaders to quibble about.

North Americans have sent troops off to fight for ‘freedom’ in the middle east, and we’re still trying to decide whether women have rights? Something is rotten in the state of democracy.

Secular politics are all that has saved North America from the debacle that is Middle-Eastern-Male-Ego-Drivin-Hidden-Behind-Bullshit-Self-Serving-Theological-Interpretation politics.

Ryan’s remark about attacking his religion was a bald-faced attempt at side-swiping the real issue. Or perhaps he really doesn’t understand what the real issue is.  The right for a woman to choose to terminate a pregnancy is not an attack on any religion. It is a choice. It is a human right.

Choice does not take away from any religion or spiritual path. It is a choice. A Roman Catholic, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, Sikh, Hindu, Atheist (etc., etc., etc.,) woman can choose what is right for her. Choose whether she is well enough supported within her faith group to raise a healthy child or not.  Choose whether she follows the interpretation of religious doctrine that either exalts her or dictates that she be nothing more than property. Choice is a human right.

This is not an argument for or against abortion. That argument is one for a woman to consider herself, or with her partner, or family. I believe to revert to that argument “for or against’, essentially strips women of fundamental human rights. The real argument is one about choice, and more than that, whether women are truly recognized as individuals with full autonomy.



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2 thoughts on “Human Rights NOT Women’s Rights

  1. I wish I could tell you how much it bothers me when people equate religion with making a choice. One’s religion is entitled to influence their choices, but to claim one is undermining an entire established religion by choosing to terminate a pregnancy is absolutely ridiculous. Why doesn’t that enrage people of faith? To suggest a choice a woman makes could attack a religion is also to suggest that religion is weak enough to be influenced by such an “attack.” It doesn’t make any sense, and it’s insulting.

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