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The Fine Line

A Golden Retriever going over a teeter-totter ...
A Golden Retriever going over a teeter-totter at an agility competition. Edited (cropped) by Pharaoh Hound (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s a fine line between being a bitch and being a pushover.

No one really wants to be considered either. Well, on a good day anyway.

There are days when being a bitch isn’t such a bad thing . After all, being a bit of a bitch  keeps the riff-raff away doesn’t it darlings?

If you’re a stickler for denotation read no further. We’re going with the slang on this one  my sweet little pussy cats. Connotation of that slang being ; Bitch (n)- a woman who insists on getting her own way. 

A pushover on the other hand is someone who let’s others have their way, even if it comes as a sacrifice.

It doesn’t take much to cross the fine line between Bitch and Pushover. It takes just a slight sway one way or the other to tip the scale one way or the other. The problem is, once you’ve crossed the line, you get stamped with a big ol’  ‘B’.

Even worse, you could become the Pushover – a woman who’s wants and needs aren’t valued. Heaven forbid you cross back and forth making the teeter-totter unstable and become an unpredictable bitch.

Ah, but there it is. The unpredictable bitch. I think that’s the fine grey line; the best place to be.  I think I’m happy in that space. Yes, I am willing to be an unpredictable bitch if it means the occasional compromise. I’d rather that, than be spoon-fed opinions and nod my way through life with someone else at the helm.

6 Brilliant Bits of  Advice From an Unpredictable Bitch;

1) NEVER be a pushover when it makes you unhappy or uncomfortable.

2) Do be a pushover when it brings you pure joy to see someone you love get what they need.

3) Do be a bitch if what the one you love needs is to crush your spirit, belittle you, or abuse you in any way.

4) Do be (doo bee doo be) a bitch if someone intentionally makes you question your own values.

5) Do be a bitch when your reputation is at stake.

6) Always, always, always be an unpredictable bitch.

An unpredictable bitch is confident enough to work in that grey area at the apex. She is the master between two extremes and she inspires respect. 

Coco Chanel defined courage;

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.”



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5 thoughts on “The Fine Line

  1. I absolutely love that your opening sentence is exactly word for word what went through my mind when I googled this topic.

    You know what they say about great minds…

    They usually belong to females.

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