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It’s a Writer’s Life For Me

Despite a wedding, a number of  Thanksgiving invitations, and an Oktoberfest  pub night, I still was blessed with time and space to write in the most serene of settings.

Words come so much more easily when there is beautiful distraction. The past few days have been a rush of beautiful distraction – a blur of contented sighs.

Friends, relatives, and yummy man-cakes were inspiration for prolific writing, laughter, and the kind of conversation that weaves its way into the sunrise.

As an adult, we often need rest from the home of our own creation and seek refuge where we are nurtured and loved. This is that place where I find respite.
Inspiration comes from natural beauty and  deep appreciation of simple abundance.
Joy. Hope. Love.
The creative spirit requires sustenance.
Without it, it will wither like a tender shoot in the heat of the mid-day sun.
Wishing you all that you need to sustain the flame your joy, passion and creativity.

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