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Ikea – No Girls Allowed

 An oversight?! A flipping OVERSIGHT?! That’s what Ikea’s official response was to criticism that it edited out women from their Saudi catalogue. An oversight my voluptuous, sensual, bare, luscious toushie!

It was intentional pandering to a culture that denies women basic human rights. Ikea’s actions indicate the company’s true values. 

May I make a suggestion ladies? Please? Oh Pretty Please?

 I suggest that  women stop spending their hard-earned cash at Ikea. After all, we wouldn’t want to dirty the hands of  the Ikea powers that be with cash that has touched our unclean  hands. Really ladies, get a spine and put your dollars where your daughter’s futures are.

I don’t imagine it would take long to effect change. If  women stop shopping at Ikea until we’re considered good enough  to be represented in their adverts (most of which are targeted at working mothers) , it wouldn’t take long to get their masochistic, greedy, human rights denying attention.

If we vote with our wallets, I think the tide might turn dramatically to win back our favour.  Imagine, Ikea might just be trying to tempt us back with  female-friendly in-store displays of meatballs served on the six-packs of Svens and, heaven forbid, even Abduls.

This weekend my kiddo dropped two Ikea bowls on the floor, and they shattered. We both looked at one another, visions of second-rate, do-it-yourself-furniture and hot meatballs with lingonberry sauce in our heads.

I was almost ready to take him out to get some new bowls at Ikea, but after reading about their corporate advertising choices, I’d rather chew glass.


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