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You’re Not Stupid

Baby Don't Call Me Baby
Baby Don’t Call Me Baby (Photo credit: theaterculture)

“I’m not stupid.” Words that you may find yourself  saying whilst in a heated argument with your lover. You know, the lover who needs to passively aggressively beat you up.

Of course you’re not stupid. You’re a wonderful, intelligent, worthy woman.

A comedian made a joke that if your partner has to tell you that they’re “not stupid” during an argument, that they probably are. Really?

I doubt it. You’re likely a highly intuitive being who has had enough of someone else’s crap. You’re not stupid.

You may be a bit attached, in love, lonely, or insecure, but not stupid.  Stupid may take over if you stay too long with someone who makes you feel stupid, or who does indeed make you think that they really do think you’re a dipstick.

If you find yourself in a heated argument, and your wonderful and undervalued intuition is knocking frantically, I have a few suggestions. First of all, skip saying, “I’m not stupid.” You don’t have to prove your IQ to anyone. Instead of arguing with someone who is obviously on the defensive, walk away.

Save your energy. Think about why you feel the way that you do. It’s likely because that special someone has done something to tip-off your intuition.

Your intuition should not be ignored. It should be nurtured and cherished like the priceless part of your sensual being that it is.

So, if your partner makes you want to say those three words, “I’m not stupid”. Realize that they have the power to undermine your self-confidence, and crumble your sense of self-worth.  It’s exactly what the ego of someone who makes you feel stupid needs to grow into even more of an ugly monster than it is.

Who wants to be around that kind of destructive ego?  Surely not strong, intelligent, fun and sensual people like you and I darling!

Don’t worry if it’s time to leave.  We’ll be here to rescue you, envelope you in reassuring hugs, deck you out in leather and feathers and fabulous shoes and remind you just how delightfully intelligent you are!

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