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Consumer Coffee Cats Cash in on Fall

“Love, all alike, no season knows, nor clime, nor hours, days, months, which are the rags of time.”~John Donne~

Long, long ago and far, far away, it was the heady scent  of decaying leaves crunching underfoot that was the first subtle messenger that let us know Lady Autumn was on her way.

Today, it was the Starbucks tweet that heralded a change from summer to fall. Today was the first day  pumpkin spice lattes became available  in 2012. Lady Autumn has had her people call our people to  arrange her debut at your local Starbucks.

Besides the promise of yummy pumpkin spice lattes, I had to send my giant, nearly 6′ tall teenager off to school for the first day.  Which also means that it’s my last day off before humping the fall run of work days leading up to my Christmas holidays. The french Canadian part of me thought, “Le sigh.”

Besides cooking a nice hot meal for my son tonight, and the traditional first-day-of-school-triple-chocolate-chip-cookies, I had the rest of the day to myself ( a total of 2 whole hours before I pick him up). What is a mother to do with all of that spare time, besides vacuum, post the mail, empty the dishwasher, feed the cat and fold laundry?

Originally I had a spa day planned. You know, a day at BodyBlitz, just me and my wiggly bits. Then I thought about it, and figured I didn’t want to drive all the way into the city. More accurately, I didnt’ want to drive out of the city during what is surely to be one of the busiest traffic days of the year, what with all of us ‘mommies’ rushing to pick our babies up.

Then I thought I would just settle for a haircut and a mani-pedi. Nah. Forget the haircut, I’m trying to grow my hair long so it’s not perpetually in my face when I run or bend over.  A manicure would never last given the work I have to do in the kitchen today, so I might as well just skip that too. Oh, and the pedicure.

Well ladies, I have a confession to make. Currently I’m sporting a paper-mache toenail in an effort to make it to sock season. That deserves a blog in itself, and maybe if you beg, I’ll write that one so you have something to laugh about.

Anyway, I decided that I’d just settle for heading to the Starbucks drive-thru to pick up my first non-fat-decaf-pumpkin-spice-latte-please, and  then having my eyebrows waxed.

I also decided to splurge on a new herbal tea my friend told me about. I planned on coming  home to drink said tea while reading an extended September horoscope (while the cookies bake) that I will forget as soon as I’m finished reading it. I direct you to Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone for thorough, monthly  astrological readings. 

Since I forgot to ask for the ‘decaf’ part of my coffee, I’ve zipped through my mommy-chores, and am now pounding out this blog. Caffeine is my bitch.

Ah-hem….back to nostalgic reminiscing about the changing seasons….

Yesterday I mourned the end of another summer. It was a wonderful few months. The sunshine was soothing, the exercise on the river was refreshing, and watching my son play baseball almost every night of the week made me happy. 

Fall. Autumn. The end of hot days, lazy afternoons by the pool falling asleep listening to the dulcet tones of my favourite singers (Willie, Leonard, Blake,Adam and a bit of Bob).

I was so busy holding onto summer that I forgot how much I miss fall, not the least of which is enjoying a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte (non-fat, of course). As I drove home this morning, a few eyebrow hairs less, I remembered how much I love broody autumn afternoons.

You know, the kind where the sky hangs low and grey. It rains just enough to make you stay inside bundled up in warm fuzzies, and cuddling just a little closer to the ones you love.

The kind of days good for cooking slow roasts, hearty soups, and sipping weighty cabernets. The kind of nights when I’m happy to have my hunky piece of man-steak cuddled up to me in front of the fire-place (usually he’s sizzling because the fireplace gets way too hot – it’s my sneaky way to get him down to his undies).

 Even though today it’s advertising, not the scent of piles of smouldering leaves which rings in the season of autumn, it’s still a beautiful time of year with loads of magical promise.  So, although  technically we have a few weeks before the autumn equinox, I can smile as I wave a good-bye to summer, and all of the fun I had.

After all, it’s time to welcome fall, and get cozy.


5 thoughts on “Consumer Coffee Cats Cash in on Fall

  1. I really enjoyed reading your post this morning. From Starbucks heralding in autumn to the fireplace it made me smile. Pamper yourself today if you can – you deserve it!

  2. I had a salted caramel mocha and that is mainly a seasonal fall item, I’m pretty sure. I love fall and it’s such a great season, and you gotta love the fall favors that come out too! It’s just so cozy and nice.

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