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Top Ten Reasons Why Real Men Watch Coronation Street

Oh, you be quiet out there all you doubters, grumblers, and whiners of, “how-can-you-even-understand-what-they’re -saying?!”.  Coronation street is the last bastion of civilized soap-opera drama on television. What? You question my judgement? Why, you ask? Well, because I said so of course!

Never mind all that. Just go put the kettle on, and make a nice brew so you can settle in for the ANDSHELAUGHS Top Ten List of Why Real Men Watch Coronation Street.

1) A lesson in grovelling from Steve MacDonald. Women love it when men are generally man-goofy, but head over heels in love with them. Steve goes after it with his whole heart.

2)Norris. The anti-thesis of sexy. He is everything that men need to know about what women do not look for in a man.

3)Dev’s flower stand. A reminder to all of you wonderful man-steak, lovey-dovey, ding-bats who screw up every now and then, or who don’t screw up and just want to be romantic. Buy flowers.

4)The men who watch Corrie get to spend time snuggling with their women who watch Corrie. It’s the same reason chicks watch hockey and football. Wait. Correction. We watch football for the muscular thighs and tight buns but we like to snuggle into our own cushy men while we watch.

5)While we’re busy comparing our bodies to the lithe youth of Eva and Tina, you remind us that even Maria has a moustache to wax.

6)Men on Coronation Street stick up for their women, even the slimy little David Platt. Men who watch Coronation Street have a keen sense of chivalry.

7)Like Rob Foster, Gary Windass and Tommy Duckworth, men who watch Corrie are all a little bad-ass turned snuggler on the couch. Bad-ass = bad-boy. Everyone knows women like bad-boys.

8)Men on Coronation street take their wives on dates at the bistro. Men who watch Coronation street learn this by osmosis.

9)Men who watch Coronation Street know how to make a hot cup of tea and talk to a woman like a friend, not a piece of meat.

10)They have a simple, masculine sense of style and understand that making too much of an effort (aka Steve’s pink shirt) is effeminate.

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons Why Real Men Watch Coronation Street

  1. So true your article. When I was in Newfoundland I was surprised that most of the men I met there – big mach o ex sailors, or rugged coasters, all watched Corrie.

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