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Love & Life on the Farm

“Man’s heart, away from nature, becomes hard.”
~Standing Bear~

My weekends on the farm are a lot like going ‘home’.  Home to an extended family, home to the people and places that are a touchstone for everything; your hopes, dreams, disappointments, expectations, morals and values.

I go ‘home’ to the farm to visit two wonderful friends and kindred spirits. Two friends who dote on me like parents in their concern, and send-offs with of  food and plants and good advice.

Not only is the physical landscape a welcome change from the concrete city (which I equally adore), the change of pace and intellectual landscape lends itself to introspection and fresh starts.

I was welcomed by a rain shower and a wet, wagging-tailed dog with white boots.   Stepping out of my car, I am at the second last house on a long, dead-end dirt road.

At the end of the ‘dead-end’, is the beginning of a lush wood with trails we ski on the winter and hike through during the fall. When I am here it  reminds me of what is important, and  what kind of life commitment, hard work, and integrity can build.

For years my lack of partner is a concern for the stoic, loving, well-intentioned man who lives here.  Not because I’m a weak woman who struggles with my happiness or can’t provide for herself. He merely recognizes the benefits of being part of a couple.  He is a strong, quiet man, and hasn’t mentioned my singledom since my last break-up. He wasn’t so keen on the man, let me know, and then carried on without further interference.

Second to the jolly dog, I was greeted with this  just picked Vitamin-A-Snuggle-Bundle of carrots  from the abundant garden;

It was left on the table by the door for me to see. A hint perhaps? Perhaps quietly whispering, “Look closely. Do you see girl? Having a partner is what nature favours, what it intends, and what you need to do.”

The next morning I was greeted before breakfast with this;

 Maybe I should pay attention to these signs of  abundance. Perhaps it’s time to dust off my dreams and give one of my lovelies a serious chance. After all, you never know what delightful surprises might hatch.

The wet, windy weather was rolling out the red carpet for autumn as I pulled back onto the dirt road to make my way home. I couldn’t help but think of a special someone, and daydream a little bit about curling up next to him this winter when the wind and snow howl outside.



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