Ten Man-Wardrobe No-No’s

…in public or when there is any risk of being seen in public…

1) Rokusaku Fundoshi  – basically traditional Japanese underwear for men. Most men from the 70’s would refer to it as a banana hammock or budgie smuggler. Although it is recognized as a traditional garment, it is still occasionally used as swimwear. No one, not even my beloved Johnny Depp or hot young lover could get away with this.

A man wearing a red rokushaku fundoshi (front ...

Japanese man in a traditional swimwear Fundosh...

2) Keen, closed-toe sandals. Just ugly. I don’t care how rugged, practical or comfortable they are. They make you look either like a geriatric or an over-sized, hairy toddler.In my opinion –  just, no.

My New Keen Sandals

3) Wife beaters – also known as muscle shirts or singlets. No matter how buff you might be, any man wearing a wife beater is perceived to look like this;

4) White sweat socks. This is a particular aversion that I have, and can tell you gents out there that white sweat socks, if worn under any other circumstance than in the gym or running are extremely emasculating.

5) Skinny Jeans.  Skinny jeans do not flatter a man’s figure, no matter how tall, small or magnificent. Rock stars are the only exception. Chances are you look more like this guy than a rock star.

Street Fashion - sf - Jasper

6) White shoes. Maybe on the golf course in Florida if you’re over 75.  Perhaps running shoes worn for sport ONLY. That’s it. No other exceptions. Wearing something like this says two things; you’re trying too hard, and you could never put your gal’s needs first.  Most women hold out for a guy with less Peter-Panish, Sicilian-Mafia shoes. 

 7) Fabric/Leather/Hemp necklaces. Just plain tacky. Unless you are Channing Tatum, and all we want you to wear ever is a small twist of leather, please don’t try to be cool. Trying to be cool is not cool.


 8) Bikini underwear. Yes, ripped guys look good in ads, but no woman wants a manly man in her bed wearing these itsy, bitsy, flitsies. Just ew.



9) Overalls. Unless you are Channing Tatum and we’re picturing you naked anyway….never, never wear overalls.  Even a young Ashton can’t make the overall, wife-beater look attractive. Sigh….


10) The murse. I know, I know, technically this is not an item of clothing it’s an accessory. There’s the rub. Men do not come with accessories. Real men come with raw, masculine sex appeal….not a bag full of girly kitsch.

Man Purse / European Carry-all


After great research  I came up with this list with the assistance of thousands (or so) of women who are experts in what makes a man attractive or not. The above ten items fall in the ‘or not’ list.

9 thoughts on “Ten Man-Wardrobe No-No’s

    1. Quick Byronic Man….re-read #6 above and, if necessary, re-read it and re-read it again until every scrap or whisper of a thought of getting white shoes is erased from your mind forever!!!!

  1. Bikini underwear is great. I don’t want everything uncomfortably tangled up, thanks! Boxers- the disgusting US idea that you can have back, please, now! And how am I to get my gorgeous arse cheeks tanned without my thong? Whole thing very demeaning to us men, turning us into sex objects, disgraceful! Now, where’s my handbag……………………..lol x

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