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Quit Whining and have a Popsicle

Augie's Ice Pops
Image by Sifu Renka via Flickr

I often tell people in my line of work that I don’t believe in denial and yet, I am the queen of it.

You see, I could have my leg chewed off by  my neighbour’s dog while watching my house burn, and walk away saying, “It’s all going to be ok. I just know it will be.”  Recently hobbled by a rather inconvenient surgery which requires a very long recovery period, I have been walking around, working, going about my daily business, just doing the best that I can.

But today it hit me. I’m frustrated, and I’m in excruciating pain from my stiff-upper-lip, just carry on attitude. Today I want comfort.  I’m feeling creative, but can’t write. I’m in pain but don’t want to be knocked out and lose my creative streak to the narcotics. Whine, whine, whine!

I just want to snuggle in and be pampered. You get that way don’t you? When you feel down and out? When you don’t feel fabulous? Sure you do.

Here’s my list of comfort wishes;

1)To curl up next to my MIA-man-steak and know it’s going to be ok.

2)Hot tea with milk.

3)A few really good movies at my disposal.

4)My grandma’s homemade ox tail soup with buttered bakery bread.

5)My kiddo running in and out of the house.

6)Pain meds that don’t put me to sleep or upset my tummy.


8)My house clean. I’m too wiped to do very much.

9)A muzzle for my very expressive parrotlet who thinks my very presence is cause for jubilant squawking.

11)A Jersey Milk chocolate bar.

12)A poetry book

13)Cold apple juice (1/4 apple juice 3/4 water)

14)The promise of a car ride out in the country.

15)Banana popsicles

What’s makes you feel better when you’re too wiped to care about the important things like lipgloss and waxing?



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