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Trash Talking and Turkery – Another Great Canadian Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Turkey

Censor’s Warning – Fowl Foul Language

Today, albeit a-two-day-too-early Thanksgiving, I had wonderful company and a wonderful meal at my friends’ place. Not only were we able to pre-dinner socialize outside on the deck with a humidex of 30 degrees, my friends even cut my meat for me (I’ve recently had surgery and cannot use my right arm for a few weeks). Now those are good friends!

Another great part about the day was that as the sauvignon  flowed, the vocabulary became ever more creative.

You see, I love words/language/communicating. I have a plethora of new derogatory words that I’m saving up for my own curse-word dictionary; Little nuggets of English napalm for those moments when only the most foul of terms apply.

When I’m seething and know that my very livelihood may be in jeopardy if I open my mouth, I invent little words in my head that act like pressure release valves. Words like; twatcycle, she-douche, sphincter-centre,mangina,cuntasaurus and poop-head. I think poop-head may technically have been used  by someone else before me.

Today I was delighted to be tucked in and taken care of by some dear friends. I was even more delighted to learn new curse words that I’d never heard before; fuck-twat, ass-hat and jiggilicious to name a few. I was particularly pleased that my extra-butt weight might be considered by some to be jiggilicious yet, I’m still trying to imagine what an ass-hat might actually look like.

So this Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for my goofy, sometimes foul-mouthed friends and for life-long learning!

Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble-Gobble!



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